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It has been said that some organisations change their strategies with amazing frequency while others pursue the same mainline directions for years. Wherever your organisation sits on this scale, the time will come when you need to assess whether the routes (strategies) to your organisation's goals or objectives remain valid. Included in this assessment will be your Training & Development Strategy.

Lemon Dot can help you design your Training & Development Strategy; if you already have one we can assess it and recommend the interventions to support your business goals or objectives.

Services > Leadership Coaching

Leadership coaching is concerned with enabling managers to change. It has developed through a method for providing managers at all levels with the essential space to reflect. Through reflection, managers come to understand themselves more fully, to confront their obstacles and concerns, to nurture their drives and aspirations, and ultimately to release and channel their creativity towards their organisational goals (Lee, CIPD 2003).

Whatever your organisation's leadership coaching needs, we can provide the support needed by individuals and training for groups of managers.


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