Welcome to Lemon Dot HR Consultancy Limited

Lemon Dot HR Consultancy Limited is here to provide you and your organisation with HR services that enable your people to deliver their very best for you.

Our extensive public sector expertise spans all levels of operations from small front-line customer driven environments to high level people related strategies in heavily unionised corporate centres.

With change no longer seen as optional for many organisations, we offer the support you need to identify and drive enabling strategies which are capable of making the difference for your organisation. Whether you are looking to increase your people capacity, broaden your skills and knowledge base or resize, it’s worth approaching us –we may be able to provide a refreshing alternative perspective!

We have excellent rail, road and air links from our Somerset base which enables us easily to serve the UK, in particular London, the South East, South West and Midlands.


Lemon Dot HR Consultancy Ltd

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